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supervengerpottermerlinwholock asked: Hello! New follower here, and I love your blog! The cosplay community constantly astounds me with its helpfulness and enthusiasm. I'm working on a Black Widow cosplay, hopefully as she appears in the Avengers movie. Do you have any suggestions for a heavyweight fabric I could use for her uniform? Any tips on fitting a bodysuit that looks nice but isn't skin tight? What are your thoughts on a two-piece outfit instead of a bodysuit? I'm not terribly comfortable in revealing or tight outfits.

Thanks a ton! I hope I can help you out a bit- I know Black Widow can get a little tricky. Here’s the thing- during filming, Scarlett ripped her bodysuits a ton, and the fabric for her outfit was custom made. What sucks about that is not only will you not be able to find the exact fabric for her cosplay, but it’s not very stretchy, either!

Here’s my advice. You know heavy duty spandex? Use it on the reverse side. The reverse side is always very matte and typically has a less shiny/sleek look and texture, which is what I imagine you want to go for when it comes to making a Black Widow cosplay.

When you order a bodysuit, you typically order it by height and then the spandex does all the work for ya in the fitting process. If you really don’t want it skin tight, order something much bigger. Spandex is very stretchy and the suits are always made small so that it can stretch over your body like a second skin. They’re meant to be pretty tight, so go big! If it ends up being too big (height-wise), then it’s really easy to shorten the limbs. Spandex, I’d say, is one of the easiest fabrics to work with when it comes to machine sewing. Some online stores also accept custom fitting, so you should be able to order something to fit your needs exactly.

Two-piece compared to a one-piece? Brilliant. Especially when it comes to conventions and you really have to pee. The only downside is spandex is pretty tight and moving around in it a lot can make it shift and show off your skin between the top and bottom of the outfit. A belt could cover it up, but it would restrict you from doing any of Black Widow’s cool crouched poses. I’d honestly stick with the one piece if you wanna be more comfortable. Having worn a few bodysuits myself, I feel more comfortable knowing everything is covered up rather than risk something showing.

Since you’re not into revealing anything or tight clothing, I suggest a rather large one-piece suit. If you plan on making one, get some heavy duty black spandex! If you can get a mesh kind or something textured, then by all means- get creative! The reverse side could really help if you’re stuck with finding something good.

Hoped I helped ya some!

Happy cosplaying!

Anonymous asked: What material is your SS Zelda dress made out of? Lovely cosplay by the way!!

Thank you very much! It was a pink cotton blend. I don’t remember the name specifically, but I got it from the cotton section at the fabric store. Sorry, I hope that helped some!

I feel like making up another tutorial. Any requests?

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Anonymous asked: Hey there :) I was hoping you could give me some advice or refer me to a site where I could get something good. I am looking for a wig for an attack on titan mikasa cosplay. I might consider styling one myself although I've never done that before. Is there somewhere reliable I can buy the wig I need? Thank you! :)

Hey there! If you really want a wig you can trust, I can send you a few links. None of them will be styled though. Wigs always come with longer bangs so you can cut them yourself. If you don’t trust yourself with styling a wig, I can always be of service!

This is the wig I used for my Mikasa. If you’d like, I can style it for you.

If you’d like me to, shoot me a message on my Facebook page!

Anonymous asked: Hello! Well you see I'm cosplaying as Syo Kurusu from Uta no prince sama soon and well... There's this small little detail I have to take care of which I don’t know how and that is. Syo doesnt have boobs. So how can I make myself flat-chested for a male character? I don’t necessarily have a big chest, its a B cup so....

Ah, the boob question. Don’t worry, I have the same issue. Thing is, my bust is kind of on the larger side. How do I do it?

Have you ever heard of FTM clothing? It stands for Female-to-Male (MTF also exists). So basically transgender undershirts or underclothing that reshape your body. It’s quite the investment, but it does the trick. 

Here’s the link to where I got mine:

Before I go in to explain what this is and how it works, let me tell you to NOT bind your chest with gauze or anything like that. It hurts. It can leave you sore for hours, it can constrict your breathing, it can really hurt you. You experience extreme discomfort and probably won’t be able to last long in it if you make it extra tight. Trust me, I’ve been there. I’ve even seen a girl faint at a convention because it was hot and she had a lot of binding going on.

Now let’s talk about these compression shirts, tanks, etc. They’re healthy. They don’t hurt. They’re made of layers of strong spandex that are sewn in a way to completely reshape your body to give you a male shape. Depending on how long you get your top, if it goes all the way down to your hips, it’ll reshape you all the way down to your hips. Here’s the only downside: it can get a little hot. But worry not! Never have I ever felt faint wearing one. You should always be drinking water at conventions anyway and prevent overheating. Here’s another perk- they’re made for any cup size with the proper reinforcement. Know what that means? You’ll be flat as a board, baby!

I hope you take my advice and not bind with gauze or anything like that. It’s not the greatest way to go and it can hurt you and be an unpleasant experience. Girls cosplaying boys is so common and too many girls think that binding is what they have to do! They don’t. Save yourself the trouble and invest in a compression shirt. They are worth it. Trust me. 

Hope this helped!

Happy cosplaying!

stellarhime asked: Hi there! I'm working on an Asuna (from sao) cosplay, but I'm stuck on her sword. I have never made a prop before, so do you have any tips on how to go about it?? I'm kinda on a budget too, so the cheaper the better! Thank you so much; love your blog!!

Thank you for the love! Sorry to get back to you so late.

Swords can be tricky sometimes because the cheaper you wanna go, the bulkier your final prop can end up looking. The sword does look a bit thin, so the best option is to go with wood. The problem with wood is the prices vary and you need to know your way with power tools…

So here’s your option two! Head over to Head Depot and get yourself a large sheet of pink insulation foam (the smallest sheet is $5 and the biggest I believe is $15. Affordable, eh?) and some cutting/carving tools. Pink insulation foam is your go-to material for not only cheap props, but incredibly light ones. That Serah bowblade I made last year? It’s a giant prop! I could balance that thing on my finger. 

Trace your sword out, cut it out (you’ll probably have to carve it out with a kitchen knife if you don’t have access to power tools), then be very careful because at this stage, it’s most fragile.

Remember to seal it. I honestly love getting all purpose spray primer from Home Depot. It seals everything from wood to foam and it’s sandable. When you are able to sand something down, it’ll look so clean and polished. You’ll be all set. If the spray is not what you’re looking for, you can always get some Mod Podge at your local hobby store. 

After sealing.. get your paint on! Even and quick coats of paint can be applied by spray paint, but if you’re the patient kind, you can always go for some traditional hand painting.

When you finish, it’s very important to seal your work so the paint doesn’t chip or smudge onto your or someone else’s cosplay. I like to use an acrylic spray finish. There are several types of companies that produce this and any brand is okay with me. Just know that they come in many variations like matte, glossy, etc. I personally go with glossy. What sword doesn’t shine?

If pink insulation is not your thing, I get it. Shoot me another question and I’ll work a little harder to find the answer you’re looking for!

Happy cosplaying!

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I feel like I should share this.
I found an amazing Youtube Channel with incredible makeup tutorials for cosplayers, including specific makeup for lots of famous characters.

They include SNK


Dangan Ronpa




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Plus some really cool generic makeup tips, very useful either you’re a cosplayer or not!

Here’s the channel!

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