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Anonymous asked: Woah you're Bao cosplay is amazing! Congratz on 1st place Rynoki! I absolutely love the fabric you used. What is it and is it possible for me to buy the same brand/type?

Thank you so much!! :)

The fabrics I used were all cotton blends. Not exactly sure which ones, but they were in the cotton section of the fabric store! A little stiff so they’d stick out on the bottom with the ruffles. 

I will definitely check for sure the next time I go so I can get you the exact name!


Giveaway’s gonna be posted once I hit 1k! We’re just a hundred away!

So here’s my next project! I’ll be posting a ton of WIP photos on my Instagram. On here I’ll only be posting stuff in bulk after a few weeks of work. If you really want to follow my work as I go through it step-by-step, then feel free to follow me! I mostly post WIPs!

Here it is! The cosplay that won first place in the master’s division at Nan Desu Kan 2014, the biggest anime convention to take place in Colorado! I’m extremely happy and proud of how this cosplay turned out! It’s a great feeling!

This is Bao Sanniang, character from the game Dynasty Warriors 8.

I’m currently trying to compile a mega post of all the WIP photos I took of this so watch out for those! They’re coming soon.

Thank you everyone for your help and support! I’m currently planning new projects so stay tuned for those! Like my FB here!

Photos taken by Torre at WeNeal’s

HEY GUYS ! Sorry for being inactive! I was super busy with finishing my contest piece and with the con this weekend. Everything was amazing and I ended up placing first!! I’m sooo happy!
I want to thank you all for your amazing support! I’m so happy you have no idea. This makes my third master’s award!
I’ll post photos soon and maybe compile one huge WIP post! Everything is completed and awesome :)

From photoshop to fabric. Gotta love your resources

Hey guys! So I got some questions regarding the mechanics of this monster. I don’t really know the names of these metal pieces per se, but I tried to photograph it all to the best of my ability! The weapon moves from both positions, but I was able to tighten one side completely so it was immobile and the other so it only moved when I manually made it move myself. That way it’s completely under control between the two positions and not spinning out of control and killing people :)
Questions are welcome. The base here is finished. I will now be covering all outer parts in foam which will be sanded down and carved.


Photos taken and edited by WeNeals Photography and Retouching

feralmango asked: Okay so I'm working on my first cosplay and it's going to require me to actually make an article of clothing from scratch. I was hoping to get a pattern to work off of but it's a weird cloak/jacket combination and I don't... even know where to start looking. I can link to a reference if need be though.

Please do! I can either find you a pattern myself or one that’s similar and show you how to alter it! I’ll gladly help you!

monorish asked: Hey! Well have you got any ideas how I can make my helmet harder? (I made it from paper with pepakura)

Hmm.. I would definitely give it a hard backing on the inside and out.

Head over to your local craft store and purchase cheese cloth and mod podge. Layer by layer, use the mod podge in generous amounts over the cheese cloth on both the inside and outside of your helmet (don’t do both sides at once). Keep on the layers after they’ve dried until your helmet is as hard as you want it.

After that, smooth out the outer part of the helmet by laying down a layer or two of paper mache! You can do the inside as well, if it’s too rough for you to wear.

The helmet should then be ready for a couple base coats and paint!