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So I guess I accidentally deleted my post about planning to go to AX next year and wanting to see if anyone wanted to meet up with me there, regardless of it being nearly a year away.. anyone in?

Also, I’ve been wanting to gauge some interest on a new blog I’ve been planning to start. It’s cosplay related, of course. I was thinking of starting a blog for making cosplay contest music. I’ve been mixing so much music that I’ve been wanting to share it with others and maybe mix some stuff for other people. How does this sound? Do you think it won’t be popular enough and that I should just do it on here or..what? Any ideas?

My group and I at Denver Comic Con 2014!

Malon, Anju, and Kafei!

Here are a few more Petra Ral shots! The wig was actually very pesky with me that day and it needs some serious restyling. Other than that, everything went pretty well!

vintagesblogoflove asked: Hey there, I was wondering, did you make your fabulous SnK Recon/Survey Corps Jacket? I'm really looking for a good one. Also, did you make your 3D Maneuver Gear? If you did buy it, would you mind linking me to where you found it? Your cosplays are amazing!

My cosplay group and I made everything! I’m currently busy at the moment to make another set, but perhaps my group would be willing to take a commission?
I could find out for you, if you’d like!

people-like-anime asked: first i want to say that your blog is awesome and so helpful and i have a question. my question is , im going to be cosplaying celty from drrr and i would like to ask if you could recommend any fabrics for me please

Hey there! Thanks a ton!

When I cosplayed Celty…. I just bought the bodysuit online. It’s made out of shiny stretch vinyl. It looks like this:

So you could definitely make it yourself or just buy a suit on eBay! I was running in such a hurry to get this done that I just bought it online :p

Let my tell you why stretch vinyl is awesome: it’s shiny like leather, and you can make it skin tight and still be able to move around in it! It’s pretty amazing. I recommend buying it online because not many fabric stores carry fabric that specific, and because online fabric shops are typically cheaper, especially on eBay.

Hope this helped you some! Happy cosplaying!

Anonymous asked: Hiiii, cosplay newbie here! What's typically used to construct blades, armor, and wings? Foam?

Hey there, newbie! It all depends on thickness and size (talking about cosplay here). For large props, I go with pink insulation foam. 

I once made Serah’s bowblade out of it. It’s a weapon that transforms from a sword to a blade and is pretty huge. When I made it, I could balance the entire thing on my finger. Not only was it sturdy, but it was incredibly light and comfortable to carry around a con all day. Pink insulation foam is found at Home Depot. They sell it in different sizes and thicknesses.

Here’s my bowblade, in case you’re curious!(I have progress pictures for this weapon here, here, and here)

As far as armor and smaller props go, I definitely go with craft foam. There are plenty of different foams you can use, and these two are my main ones that I use specifically for cosplay. Out of foam, I usually make armor and smaller props. I made my Zelda armor from craft foam, which came out looking like this:  (I have a tutorial for this specific armor here)

Craft foam I find very easily to bend and manipulate. I’ve definitely made some interesting things from it like belts, shoe/boot covers, and various accessories. The plus with this material is that it’s incredibly cheap. Even if you mess up, that’s just a dollar that’s gone to waste, no biggie. Because it’s so cheap, everyone has a chance to work with it, so there are hundreds of tutorials for it online, wherever you look! I bet you could find a tutorial for a specific item you’re trying to make, even.

As far as wings go, I have never made them. Some people use wires to shape them and pretty fabric to go over them and some people go with straight up feathers- It’s really different for everyone and I think like with every material, every cosplayer goes about it their own way. Because I haven’t made them (and I haven’t been around enough cosplayers to have), it’s hard for me to give you good enough advice on this one. But like craft foam, there are tons of tutorials out there to give you a helping hand with the wings you’re wanting to make! There are even tutorials on how to make then move and function (but sadly, you won’t fly!).

There are plenty more materials for you to check out! If you ever feel like being the sculpting type, my favorite clays to use for cosplays by far are the brands Fimo and Paperclay. You need to stick Fimo in the oven for a little while, but Paperclay dries on its own. They’re both amazing to use!

As far as paint goes, I always always always use acrylic paint. Make sure to always prepare your project for painting by laying down a base/primer. Coat it in however many layer of of paint you need, then let it thoroughly dry before you seal it with a varnish (either matte or glossy finish). My favorite sealer brand is Kamar, but I constantly use different brands of sealer. I currently have four in my house.

Let me know if you need any specific help on anything! I’d love to help!

Anonymous asked: I'm cosplaying a character with long hair that goes past her butt, but I know that long haired wigs are a nightmare to care for if not treated properly. Should I just purchase a shorter medium length wig for easier care? I'll be running around in it a lot and I don't want it to be a big problem.

Hi there!

To be completely honest, long wigs are super easy to wear and care for if you take the right steps to ensure it doesn’t tangle during wear. 

I encourage you to mix hair conditioner and water in a spray bottle and to get it in the wig while brushing it through. The light conditioner will make your wig very sleep and less likely to tangle, plus it’ll look great in photos! It’s always a great idea to also carry around a steel wig brush around with you (I don’t recommend regular hair brushes because they typically have plastic bristles that make your wig static-y). It’s never a bad idea to brush a little through your wig while trekking through a convention. 

Long wigs can get caught on things, especially little things on your cosplay. If anything will get your wig tangled, it’s you. Really be careful with how you wear your wig and if it’ll get caught on anything.

If you’d rather go with a shorter wig for comfort, then I applaud you! I’m too much of a stickler for accuracy (even if no one knows who I’m cosplaying). Shorter wigs are definitely a lot easier to handle and are a quick brush, unlike long ones that can catch some pretty bad knots.

If you really treat your wig properly, I don’t see why you shouldn’t get a long wig! They’re (to me) really fun to wear! And to spin around in for photos ;)

If you brush your wig when you take a break here and there and if you make sure to condition it, then you should be perfectly fine for a long wig! If not, there’s nothing wrong with a shorter wig!

Happy cosplaying!

Anonymous asked: I saw your before and after Petra Ral pics. What did you use on your eyes? It looks amazing! :)

Thank you so much! I’d love to do a makeup tutorial for some of my characters someday.

Do you mean makeup or contacts?

For contacts, I bought them off of HoneyColor. I trust them the most with contacts and they’re very affordable and do prescription contacts! I bought yellow ones because on my very dark eyes (nearly black), they look a lot darker.

As for my makeup, I just used a lot of brown liquid liner, mascara, and some false lashes :) I also lined the inner halves of my waterlines with white eyeliner to brighten and widen my eyes. For my eyebrows I just went over them with a brown brow pencil. I didn’t do anything too complicated, I assure you!

Petra Ral cosplay by Rynoki

Photos by Camera Ninjas 

Before and after from just-rolled-out-of-bed me to Petra Ral