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Anonymous asked: its an old kinda book with spells in it (tome) my main issue is making the pages look old and making fabric look like leather

Ohh, I see (sorry, I’m foreign lol). I find craft foam super easy to mimic leather with, especially if you want to make book covers out of it. As for making the pages look old, I brew some tea then use the wet teabags to dye the pages into an old looking, brown-ish color. It’s weird, but I learned it in one of my old art classes. It’s actually rather fun! Yes, the papers will be pretty much soaked until dry, so you do have to wait for them to dry completely and all that fun stuff. But the results are pretty awesome!

So what’s up with cosplayers getting ugly with other people for cosplaying the same character as them? I always thought that’s how you made the best friends at cons..?

Anonymous asked: So I have a question about making a prop ;; I'm gonna be cosplaying Morgan from fire emblem awakening layer this year, and Morgan uses swords and tomes. The sword is easy enough, but I'm completely lost on making the time look like a tome. Any ideas?

What in the world is a tome? I tried looking it up on Google images but was having troubles

Anonymous asked: Did you use a pattern for your Skyward Sword Zelda? If you did, what pattern did you use?

Hello! So it’s a super simple dress. It’s a mid-sleeve casual dress. I think I either used a Simplicity or McCall’s pattern (I don’t really remember) but I ordered it for really cheap on their site. Not only are they usually cheap (under $10), but they constantly have sales, making a lot of their stuff under $5 sometimes. It’s pretty awesome! I’d browse around. There are always more complicated dresses that are in the style you need that you can just do a little bit of editing on.

My advice (after making the dress), is making your own. Shirt and simple circle skirt plus sleeves. It was actually incredibly simple to make!

rockinichigo asked: Mmk ok so you draw out the shape you need on a piece of paper. Is it a special transfer paper or you trace it onto the fabric?

It’s just regular paper. I pinned a square of paper to the form and traced out what I wanted to paint on it directly. I then cut it out and pinned it back to the form, outlining the pattern onto the fabric then painting it! 

I used the same pattern on the other side of the jacket in the exact same way. I just flipped the paper to the other side.

Well I’m done for now.

Teaser pic of my secret cosplay!
Set to debut at Nan Desu Kan 2014 in September in Denver, Co.

Teaser pic of my secret cosplay!
Set to debut at Nan Desu Kan 2014 in September in Denver, Co.

Discussion time!

Is it appropriate for photographers to refuse to shoot with cosplayers based on their Facebook likes/DA views/etc.?

And alternately, is it appropriate for cosplayers to turn down photographers based on [views, quality of work, etc.]?

I just finished my Petra Ral cosplay. Still working on Toon Zelda and my upcoming contest piece. I have two shoots coming up for Petra though so I’ll post both progress and some pretty photos! Woooooo

Also, I’m nearing 800 followers! Once I hit 1,000, there will be one awesome giveaway! Manga, wigs, prints, and more!

Bodice and sleeve references