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FINALLY confirmed some cosplays that I’ll be competing with next year. Here are two I’ve picked to do so far! One of them is going to be finished in December so I can get some awesome winter shots.

and for late 2015

I’ll be purchasing materials for Shana this week and will hopefully be starting either by the end of the week or sometime next week. Wigs have been ordered already.

WIPs will be posted on my instagram and photodumps will happen here every few weeks.

First official giveaway at 1k followers!!

and I’m at 913!! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting pretty pumped.

Anime, wigs, prints, and more!!

And it’s allll coming together slowly. Just for you awesome cats.

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  • Anonymous asked: Hello! I'm cosplaying a character who has very short shorts and just overall a highwaisted outfit. I'm not confident and "conservative" when it comes to showing even a little too much skin. How should I go about lengthening the shorts but still looking on-model with the character?

    I know exactly how you feel. My recent cosplay had to have panties. Freakin’ panties! But I sucked it up and decided to get dance tights. They’re a lot thicker than regular tights and they come in all skin colors. Basically they feel like leggings and they make me feel great and as if I’m not in just an obnoxious pair of panties! And they make your legs look amazing in photos. You can’t even tell they’re tights! If you’d like to get yourself a pair, you can find them right here. They have other variations if you don’t need that one. The whole dancewear page is here.

    Here is a picture of the cosplay I mentioned and me wearing these tights!

    However, if that still makes you uncomfortable, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with altering a cosplay and making your own version. Your comfort is above all, most important when it comes to putting together a cosplay. You are not going to be having a fun time if you’re constantly worried about showing too much skin! Make the shorts longer, no one can hate you for that. It’s just cosplay!

    Like I said- absolutely nothing wrong with comfort. That should always come before anything else when it comes to cosplay, in any case.

    I hope you find a solution that helps you!

    Anonymous asked: Hello! I'm planning to do my first cosplay, nia from gurren lagann, the anti spiral version... but i have no idea which paint i should use on a lycra bodysuit, do you perhaps have any suggestions? And could you maybe link the product?

    Yes yes yes!! I once had to paint an Imp Midna (lycra) bodysuit for a commission and I loved the Jacuard Lumiere brand. Jacquard makes amazing paint and their Lumiere version is specifically made for flexible materials such as lycra! Just make sure that when you’re ready to paint the suit, put some cardboard inside to not only prevent bleeding, but to stretch out the fabric as well. The more coverage you get with the paint (while it’s stretched out), the less “cracks” later on when you wear it and move in it!

    Here is their website specifically. I myself prefer to order their stuff off of eBay, but here you can look at the products they have to offer and learn some more about the wonderful stuff they make! This paint is awesome because it’s not permanent until you iron it. So even if you make a mistake, you can always get it out! 

    Anonymous asked: So I am starting my first cosplay, and I am stuck between two different characters. Yang Xio Long from RWBY or Agent Carolina from Red vs Blue (the Guns for Hire AU). Which one do you think would be better for a beginner cosplayer? Do you have any advice for me?

    As a beginner, a great place to start is at the thrift shop! The character wouldn’t matter (at least, in my opinion). Beginners, at least in the competitive world of cosplay, create half of their cosplay out of used clothes. You buy something that you could alter yourself into the cosplay! This would also be a great time to test out your sewing skills.

    The number one thing to consider when picking a cosplay is the elements you have to make and with what mediums. For example- is there armor, beading, weapon, elaborate accessories, complicated wigs, etc.? The more things you haven’t worked with, the more tutorials you have to look up!

    Honestly, there isn’t an outfit someone out there can’t make. Whatever your skill level is, don’t ever feel like there is something you can’t do. If you have the motivation and the time, you could take on the biggest project ever and learn as you go along. Every cosplay I choose to make it different and there is always some sort of obstacle to overcome, even as a master cosplayer. There is always something new to learn with every outfit, so don’t ever limit yourself to your skills alone! It’s amazing what you can learn if you take a leap. Whichever cosplay you choose to make, I’ll gladly help you plan it and steer you in the direction of what to buy, how to make it, etc.!

    trigonalcountdown asked: Hi!! I'm working on, like, a full set of armor and I'm making it out of craft foam and I needed help figuring out how to get it to stay together? I'm planning on integrating elastic bands in certain parts to keep them together, but how would I go about doing that? How do I make it as durable as possible? I'm going to be running around doing activities and other physical stuff while wearing it. Thanks much in advance!!!

    Hi! You really have to pay attention to the character. Some of them have straps, some of them have lacing, and some of them have no closure at all! I would just follow the character’s outfit as closely as possible and let them guide your armor closures and placement. I myself love using hidden elastic in my armor because it keeps it tight and in place while I move (and it stays there!). I actually planned on doing another armor tutorial to explain this. I’ll try and post some photos of this explaining, but basically the elastic I use is very thick and glued (with E-6000) to the inner parts of my armor where it connects. So worth it, and my judges for the last competition were in love with the idea.

    Anonymous asked: Help! I messed up a little bit while using fabric paint and I need to know how to get it out (it's dry now btw)

    Usually fabric paint isn’t permanent until you iron it. At least, that’s the kind I use. You should be able to easily wash it out with some soap!

    New cosplay + con schedule

    Officially starting on Queen Zelda next week!!

    My deadline is December so these next few months are going to be pretty productive! I’ll be posting WIP photosets here after some progress has been made. If you’d like to see the photos as they come you can follow me on instagram. And yes, I do plan on competing with this cosplay later on.

    In other news, here are some possible out of state cons I may or may not be attending next year:
    Naka-kon (Kansas)
    Salt Lake Comic Con (Utah)

    aaand I think that’s it. I wanted to go to Dragon-con and/or AX but that is veeery far out of my budget. Kansas and Utah aren’t that bad of a drive, though. So it’s cool.

    Still attending all Colorado cons, though. Nan Desu Kan, Animeland Wasabi, Denver Comic Con, Star Fest. Yeah.


    *Master’s first place award*

    Deadly Gale WIP posts:


    *Master’s first place award*

    Deadly Gale WIP posts:

    Finished look!